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2013 Lenape 34 Walkers

Name: Miles
Robert Quinlan 34
Ray Smith 34
Teresa Akerstein 34
David Ascher 34
Nir Krakauer 34
Albert Walker 34
Laurie Beekhuysen 32
Eddie Evans 32
Judi Fox-Hernadez 32
Sam Huber 32
Paul Kiczek 30
Ian Hochstead 28
Matthew McMickle 28
Risa Olinsky 26
Ilene Silver 26
Juliet Foster 22
William Radkovich 21
Renata Luisi 20
Maureen Moyniha 20
Catherine Outlaw 20
Diane Stein 12
Roger Vellekamp 12
Peter Castro 10
Ken Kurland 10
Yohana Osorio 10
Jennifer Chaky 9
Cory Storch 7
Rebecca Goldberg 6
Elizabeth McCoy 5
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Congratulations LENAPE34 Walkers!

Our one-day 34-mile trek through the wilds of Essex County took place on Monday, October 14, 2013. There were over 35 participants in this 4th annual L34 event. It was a day with perfect weather, an enthusiastic crowd, and one marked with two members of the press joining us and reporting on their experience. 

Press Articles on the 2013 Lenape 34 Walk



The LENAPE34: The Origins Walk, is still considered by many to be the toughest event of our entire calendar due to its terrain, amount of daylight, weather, and various areas it covers.

We traverse a mind-boggling 4 reservations, 3 public utility access routes, 15 parks and over a dozen towns. This walk is a 34-mile trek through woods, neighborhoods, and urban settings in the tradition of modern-day explorers. The walk starts in Millburn and ends in Newark for those that would try to make it all the way. For others, there are plenty of smaller sections to challenge and enjoy in this event.

See this year's survey results (everyone). Take the Survey (if you have not responded to an email request - participants only)

Join us next Columbus Day, October 13, 2014 for the full 34 miles or set your own distance! It's FREE and open to everyone.

NOTE: Jay Leslie's GPS showed 5145 feet of cumulative ascent for the entire length last year.



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Lenape Trail Overview

The Lenape Trail was first established over 30 years ago by Al Kent, a retired trail coordinator who wanted to connect as many natural resources and points of interest in Essex County as he could, traversing towns, parks, woodlands, and residential areas along the way. Our walk along the trail takes you from the peak of South Mountain to urban Newark. The Lenape Trail is currently going through a revitalization effort largely due to Steve Marano and the NYNJ Trail Conference efforts. Steve also is involved in an effort to finalize the 130-mile Liberty Water Gap Trail across New Jersey.


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